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Online library: Clocks

Clock Periodic Oiling, by Rick Coleman, May 2011
Ingraham Clock Company, by Mark Edgar, April 2011
An Old Clock or Butterley's Legacy, by Michael Rant, October 2010
400-Day and "Torsion Pendulum" Clocks Part 2: Trouble-Shooting, by Verlyn Kuhlmann, June 2010
History of the Jessop's Street Clock, by Verlyn Kuhlmann, May 2010
400-Day and "Torsion Pendulum" Clocks Part 1: Description and History, by Verlyn Kuhlmann, April 2010
A Brief History of Ceramics, by Cathy Edgar, March 2010
Refinishing a Brass Clock Case or Mechanism, by Mark Edgar, February 2010
The San Diego Courthouse Clock, by Rick Coleman, October 2009

Online library: Watches

O'Hara Pocket Watch Dials, by Mark Edgar, August 2009
Oiling Watch Jewels, by Tim Rymer, September 2009
Counting Watch Jewels, by Tim Rymer, August 2009
Watch Jewels, by Tim Rymer, July 2009

Meet Our Members and Club

Michael Rant, September 2010
Mark Weaver, January 2010
John Kuraoka, June 2009 (Correction: the Seiko 8F series movement is a high-frequency quartz movement, but is not thermo-compensated. JK)
A 40th Anniversary Retrospective, by Cathy Edgar, March 2009
Verlyn Kuhlmann, February 2009
Rick Coleman, November 2008

Horological articles by our members

Digital photography for clocks and watches
John Kuraoka gave a presentation on digital photography for watches and clocks. Below is a sample shot of a watch movement. To learn more, click here or on the photo below.

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